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Ever sent an email that was taken the wrong way by the recipient? Or tried to give someone some feedback and it didn't go down too well? Or maybe you've lost out on an important contract at the negotiation stage?

We all experience the world in different ways, yet we all use common language to convey our thoughts, ideas and experiences to others. Language, by its nature, is ambiguous and thus, can be fraught with misunderstanding.

Our Communication Skills programmes will help you become really effective at influencing others.

What are the benefits?

Previous participants in our Communication Skills courses have discovered the following benefits:

  • Techniques for truly effective communication
  • Higher levels of sales
  • Improved listening and questioning skills
  • Negotiating with confidence
  • Killing off the competition!

We offer two 'off the shelf' courses or we can tailor a course to your specific requirements.

Influencing Skills Negotiating Skills

We are committed to helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible - both personally and professionally.
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Food for Thought
"Seek first to understand, before being understood" Stephen Covey - Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.


"think added tangible value to the development agenda for my team throughout 2008. I aspire for my team to be truly high performing and the work we did with think accelerated this journey. I would recommend you to consider engaging think's support on your development journey - I will continue to rely on them through 2009".
Angie Main, Senior Commercial Manager
(Sales & Service Development)
Direct Channels, Barclays

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At Think Training & Development ltd, we recognise that every organisation is different and has its own, unique needs.

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