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Wendie’s Weekly diary – Motivation

Monday 24 August


It was going to be so beautiful.

I had lured my friends from London and Bath, with promises of the Bournemouth Air Festival, Red Arrows, poignant moments on the beach in silent salute of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight, wing-walkers, parachutists, sky lanterns, fireworks,  beach BBQ, cocktails and neon frisbees.

You’d think in mid August, you wouldn’t have to worry about the weather, but no. It poured down. No planes. No fireworks. No Air Festival.

I feel really sorry for the people that organise the festival. It is usually spectacular. Maybe next year.

In the meantime, what to do? Top tips for an impromptu indoor beach barbecue:

a)     Get the oven on. When one set of chicken kebabs is ready, throw in the next.

b)     Invite my friend Tony. He brings huge cupcakes. Aside from being delicious, these provide endless opportunities for 3 year olds to perfect their grouting techniques, especially if you have porcelain floor tiles.

c)     Ensure you have lots of clean towels to warm the mad guests who go paddling in the sea in the rain. In their pants.

d)     Crack open the glo-sticks and attach several to each small child. This will allow you to see where the little buggers are when they are posting burgers into your DVD player.

e)     Run competitions for the best cocktail. After a couple, no-one will notice the lack of aviation action.

Don’t let external influences ruin your day. It’s up to you how it turns out. You can let the weather or your work or your boss get you down. You can despair when you find pink frosted icing in your knicker drawer. Or you can laugh out loud and take it all in your stride.

Not sure how? Give us a call or check out our courses on self- motivation.

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24th August 2010, 6:34pm

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