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Wendie’s Weekly Diary – Sales Skills

Monday 26th July

Sales Skills

That’s enough about ME. Let’s talk about YOU…. What do YOU think of ME?

I’ve just sat through a sales pitch from a software company that wanted to sell me the latest thing in …errr… software.  Don’t get me wrong. I invited them in because I am interested in the type of software they offer.

Instead of finding out what I needed, the company in question spent almost the entire meeting telling me why I should use them, who they had worked for before and in what capacity.


Hello..if a potential client has invited you in, they already know this stuff. That’s why you’re there. What you need to do is find out about them.

How many times have you been stuck with a terminal bore at a party? What made them boring? Yes, they talked about themselves all night.

And how many times have you met someone and just clicked? Why? Because the other person made an effort to find out about YOU. To listen to YOU.

This is such a simple concept that it still amazes me that salesmen choose to ignore it.

You know, I once had to throw a double glazing salesman out of a friend’s home. After an hour of trying to convince  her that she needed a £3,000 front door (to complement the new windows she was after) when she already had a perfectly functional one, he had resorted to making fake calls to his ‘manager’ and then declaring that she was in luck, the boss had agreed she could have 10% off if she bought in the next 10 minutes… No? Let me call again…Oh wow. This is amazing. He said you can have 20% off…

Errr, still £2,400 more than she wanted to pay… So I stepped in. Mr Double Glazing. You have been evicted. Please leave the Big Brother House. You have been evicted. Please leave the Big Brother House. Through the cheap front door, yes, that’s the one. See… it slams just as well as a three grand one. And while you’re outside, take a look at the shabby windows. The reason she asked you to come. You could have had that sale. If only you’d listened instead of banging on about mortice dreadlocks or whatever…

So… salesmen everywhere. Take note. If you want to increase your sales – Listen to your customer! Or get yourself on our Advanced Selling Skills course. Only £3,000 if you buy it in the next 10 minutes.

No? Hang on. £2,000. No? OMG! The Boss says you can have it for £750. Quick – book now – before he changes his mind.

Or call us and tell us what you need. We’ll listen.

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26th July 2010, 8:16am

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